Apr 04

Drupal multisite installation and configuration

Drupal , powerful CMS, can be used in multisite configuration . Drupal official how-to page┬átell us that “single code base” can stand by “multisite” indicating right now one of the most important benefit of multisite installation : SINGLE CODE . You work one time and only one time for all sites.

You can configure Drupal for running in these environments:

  1. Different domains ( Ex site.com, mysite.com…) sharing same database
  2. Different domains with different databases
  3. Subdomains ( office.site.com, account.site.com ) sharing same database
  4. Subdomains with different databases
  5. Domain directory ( site.com/office , site.com/account)

It’s up to you the configuration you need, Drupal offers its functionalities and it flexibility.Start from how-to page

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