Mar 09

Order_status_id = 0 in OpenCart

If you look deep inside OpenCart Db you can find order_status table. In it you find these fields:

  • order_status_id : used by OpenCart in order table to indicate the status of the order, like “Pending”, “Complete”, “Canceled”
  • language_id : if you have only English installed you have “1” as solely value
  • name : the translation string

Order_status_id = 0 doesn’t exist

In the table above the “0” value doesn’t exist in the order_status_id field but you can find it into order table. What does it mean? OpenCart generate a new order every time you accept Term and Conditions also if you don’t confirm the order, so as a reminder OpenCart set the order_status_id  to “0” value.

“0” value means Missing order. To take a look at missing orders you can go to http://YOUR_DOMAIN/admin/index.php?route=sale/order and select, as  filter, “Missing Orders”

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