Mar 25

Cannot install language in Prestashop on localhost

Installing Prestashop on your PC using AMP platform like XAMPP can become a trouble, first of all we are using Windows OS. If you have the following error:  Cannot install language “English (English)” or any others languages ( we test it also for Italiano ) the solution is not so easy to bring out.

We are here to solve your problem and the solution is pretty easy:

  • The problem occurs beacuse of a fail connection with prestashop or for system error, don’t worry about that
  • For English language , check in your prestashop\translations folder for en.gzip file , if there is no one download it from https://www.prestashop.com/en/translations
  • For any others language simply download it from the link above and save it in prestashop\translations folder
  • For English open file name ‘language.xml’ in folder prestashop\install\langs\en for edit . Now just  ‘<language_code>’  tag value from en-us to en ; save file and close it .
  • For others languages just check that language-code tag value, in respective language.xml file, is the same as the name of gzip file: so for tag value of it the gzip file should be it.gzip .

Retry installation e it shoul work correctly

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