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Mar 25

Cannot install language in Prestashop on localhost

Installing Prestashop on your PC using AMP platform like XAMPP can become a trouble, first of all we are using Windows OS. If you have the following error:  Cannot install language “English (English)” or any others languages ( we test it also for Italiano ) the solution is not so easy to bring out.

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Jul 10

How to change category permalink in wordpress

You can use permalink in WordPress like this : %category%/%someotherstuff% If you a post assigned to more than one category permalinkin WordPress will select only one Category. It chooses the category with the lowest ID number .

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Apr 30

Working with Drush in Drupal projects

Drush is the Drupal shell, its utility merges when you work for a lot of Drupal projects and you do a lot of similar action every time; it concernes : enabling modules, installing modules, creating sub.themes. Drush is not a module and it needs to be installed but don’t worry because it’s pretty simple. It …

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Apr 09

PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function cache_get() in includes/ on Drupal

Working with drush seems easy but error and problem are near you. If you get this errror: PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function cache_get() in includes/ when you type drush in the command line probably you reached the right place to solve you problem. This error arises when drush is not update and this occurs …

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Apr 04

Drupal multisite installation and configuration

Drupal , powerful CMS, can be used in multisite configuration . Drupal official how-to page tell us that “single code base” can stand by “multisite” indicating right now one of the most important benefit of multisite installation : SINGLE CODE . You work one time and only one time for all sites.

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Dec 14

Understanding Drupal 7 theming – part 1

Theme is responsible for the look of a Drupal web site and, looking deeper, you can figure out the drupal theming is not so different from other theme: it includes XHTML markup, CSS e Javascript…with a little flavor of PHP code. In Drupal theme layer has the control of rendering each page.

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Nov 28

Internal server error when upload image larger 100 kb in Drupal and Plesk

As usually we write in english to let know all people about the error we fixed. When you install Drupal, you have to try upload image like changing your picture profile to test file upload, file system permissions and site visualization. Doing so we encountered the error described in object: Internal server error! It’s really …

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Nov 25

Warning: file_put_contents errore in DrupalTemporaryStreamWrapper :: stream_open

Quelli che sembrano errori gravi in realtà e spesso in informatica richiedono soluzioni semplici; vale questa affermazione anche nell’errore indicato di seguito: Warning: file_put_contents(temporary://fileYUIOO): failed to open stream: “DrupalTemporaryStreamWrapper::stream_open” call failed in file_unmanaged_save_data()(line 1896 of /cartella/del/server/web/del/mio/dominio/includes/ e che possiamo incontrare installando Drupal, un CMS estremamente potente.

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Sep 03

WordPress Plugin – Social Publish

Social Publish plugin is a wordpress extension, powered by Glue Labs, that allows wordpress blog to integrate social function. At its first version it allows publishing on Facebook dashboard when new post are published or when a published post is updated. Soon it will be possible to operate also with Twitter social network.  More options …

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Aug 11

Nuova versione del plugin WordPress per limitare i post

Abbiamo pubblicato sul sito ufficiale di WordPress la nuova versione del nostro plugin ” Limit Post Creation ” ; che rispetto alla precedente aggiunge la possibilità di selezionare il periodo di tempo in cui è valido il limite. Il plugin è utile per tutti i siti in cui occorre limitare il numero di post , …

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