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Jun 24

Set table td value with Jquery

Set the value of a table td with Jquery is a really simple matter: just use a classic Jquery Selector and the method .html . An example is the better way to learn it : we have a td like this <tr> <td id=”mySelectedTd”></td> </tr> and than use the Jquery command $(“#mySelectedTd”).html(“<b>It Works!</b>”); As we …

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Jun 22

Form selection input validator for jQuery

Form input validation is a must for everyone , most of developers makes use of front-end and back-end validation for security purpose. Now you will talk about front-end data validation. We will use a jQuery Plugin  . Start by downloading it and its requirements like jQuery Library . Then follow instructions into plugin documentation and now making …

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Jan 31

howto implement autocomplete in input text form using jQuery , jQueryUI and PHP

When you build a form, allowing autocomplete in input text is one of most  useful thing for yours users and for you. Now we will show you how  a combination of jQuery , jQueryUI and PHP can used to retrieve data from a database and showed to the user during typing in a input field.

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Oct 28

Problema delle animazioni in sequenza con jquery

Un problema molto comune è quello delle animazioni in sequenza che vingono invece eseguite in parallelo generando brutti effetti. Ciò capita , per esempio, quando su un link mettiamo degli effeti sull’ hover e quindi decidiamo che accada qualcosa quando il puntatore va sul link e che accada qualcos’altro quando ci si sposta. Un pò …

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